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On Sunday, June 26, 2011, 10:44:06 PM, Lars wrote:

LH> Two short remarks:

LH> 1. Rather than having mutually exclusive "SVG " and "SVGZ" tables, I believe
LH> the SFNT'ish approach would be to have one "SVG " table with two (or more)
LH> different formats: One raw, one compressed.

And if the intent is to use WOFF with it then both will end up being compressed anyway. So really only one is needed.

LH> 2. It would conversely be interesting to see an XML encoding for the 
LH> information in SFNT tables (I'm primarily thinking GPOS, GSUB, and friends,
LH> as each table has to be specified separately). The last time I checked [oh
LH> dear, that is close to two years ago!], there was only one tool around for
LH> doing such conversions, and its XML format was completely undocumented. :-(

Isn't that what Unified Font Object (UFO) is for?

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