Re: Comments on the WOFF Last Call (3)

On Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 7:35:22 PM, Steve wrote:

SZ> 3.       This is a nit, but it would be nice to state what the
SZ> “content” of the element is and not just what the attributes are in the Metadata section.

Thank you for your comment, with which we agree.

Your comment is being tracked as our last call issue 32

Richard Ishida made a similar comment

As a result, Jonathan Kew was given 
ACTION-92: Add expected children of all metadata elements
which is currently pending review by the WebFonts WG. You can see those edits in place here

(look for 'children' in the description of each element).

It would assist that review if you were to indicate whether these changes satisfy your comment.

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