Re: Update on I18n-ISSUE-7: Paragraphs and inline content

On Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 3:52:11 PM, Chris wrote:

CL> Hello public-i18n-core,

CL> Just to update you on this issue, your proposal to add block-level and
CL> inline-level attributes was accepted by the WebFonts WG. The elements
CL> are called 'div' and 'span' respectively, and they have @xml:lang and
CL> @dir. They use a mixed content model, div can be nested inside div and
CL> span inside span; div can't be a child of span.

CL> The editors draft has been updated. The RNG is not updated yet but
CL> will be soon. The text is as follows:

The RNG has now been updated to add div and span. Also added a valid and an invalid (div inside span) example.

The example uses multiple text elements each with a different value of xml:lang, but all the values are varieties of English :)

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