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I18N-ISSUE-8: Direction attributes needed [WOFF]

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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 19:14:23 +0000
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I18N-ISSUE-8: Direction attributes needed [WOFF]


Raised by: Richard Ishida
On product: WOFF

6.2.1 Extended Metadata Block

WG Reviewed: Yes

It should be possible to use markup to set the base direction of any element in order to enable correct display of bidirectional text.  We suggest a dir attribute with the values rtl and ltr as a minimum.  (Additional rlo and lro values may also be useful if it is felt that such things as lists of characters are likely to appear in the text and control is needed to override the Unicode Bidi Algorithm).

The base direction should apply to text in contained elements (so you could have dir="rtl" on a text element that is inherited by paragraph elements without need for extra markup.

In longer pieces of text, such as the description element, it is usually also useful to have a span element, to which a direction attribute can be attached if the base direction needs to be different from the surrounding context. (see our other comment about span)
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