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I18N-ISSUE-7: Paragraphs and inline content [WOFF]

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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 19:12:56 +0000
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I18N-ISSUE-7: Paragraphs and inline content [WOFF]


Raised by: Richard Ishida
On product: WOFF

6.2.1 Extended Metadata Block

WG Reviewed: Yes

Presumably, text in elements such as description and license can contain free flowing text organized into paragraphs. No markup is proposed for paragraph support; however nor is it clear from the spec that whitespace needs to be preserved for such content.

We would recommend that some minimal markup be provided for paragraphs and that this be supplemented with a span element.  

The paragraph and span markup would allow for the application of directional markup (see the comment about dir attribute) in this content.  For example, to achieve correct display of a bidirectional title of a work on which a font is based, or to quote a paragraph in a language with a different base direction (quite possible in a text element with lang=ar inside a description element). 
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