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On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 9:48 AM, Chris Lilley <> wrote:

> The conformance requirement will be that WOFF must be supported and other formats may be supported. So implementations which plan to support it can of course do so. Just like they may already support other formats (EOT, CFF, raw TT/OT, SVG).

WOFF is a wrapper format rather than a standalone format. WOFF
wrappers can be deployed around any SFNT based font format, including
TTF,  TTF/OpenType, OpenType CFF, TTF/AAT, TTF/Graphite (and perhaps

I hope the recommendation will include some statements about
expectations for underlying format support. Making TTF, TTF/OpenType
and OpenType CFF requirements, while allowing others to be optional,
would probably be best.



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