RE: font features in CSS

+1 for Rob's suggestion below from me as well.

And, like Hakon, I am for keeping the #font-face rule behavior as it is now.

My only concern, however, is that turning features on or off needs to occur in the content not just in the font descriptor. Yes, I know that one can have two fonts that are identical except for the feature of interest and switch fonts to effect the turning on and off of the feature, but that seems rather a complex way to make a temporary "binary" change. And, if there are a lot of features to control, this could lead to a lot of font descriptors.

Steve Zilles

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> Also sprach Robert O'Callahan:
>  > It seems to me that the font options that are face-dependent (like
> selecting
>  > particular alternates) should be in the @font-face rule, since only
> there
>  > can you associate options with a particular face. Font options that are
>  > face-independent (i.e., font options that be applied correctly even
> without
>  > knowing in advance which face will be used, like small-caps) should be
>  > regular CSS properties.
> +1
>  > In a @font-face rule where you specify alternates, you could use a
> single
>  > 'src' value and be sure that if the file is not loaded, the alternates
> will
>  > not be applied, and do your fallback in font-family rules in the
> content.
>  >
>  > If that turns out to be too cumbersome, we could extend @font-face so
> that
>  > you can associate font options with particular sources.
> I'd rather not change @font-face to save typing for this, arguably,
> narrow use case.
> -h&kon
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