Re: font features in CSS

Also sprach Robert O'Callahan:

 > It seems to me that the font options that are face-dependent (like selecting
 > particular alternates) should be in the @font-face rule, since only there
 > can you associate options with a particular face. Font options that are
 > face-independent (i.e., font options that be applied correctly even without
 > knowing in advance which face will be used, like small-caps) should be
 > regular CSS properties.


 > In a @font-face rule where you specify alternates, you could use a single
 > 'src' value and be sure that if the file is not loaded, the alternates will
 > not be applied, and do your fallback in font-family rules in the content.
 > If that turns out to be too cumbersome, we could extend @font-face so that
 > you can associate font options with particular sources.

I'd rather not change @font-face to save typing for this, arguably,
narrow use case.

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Received on Friday, 30 October 2009 20:50:18 UTC