Re: Next step?

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 6:01 AM, Richard Fink <> wrote:

> Rather than the "two of four" originally proposed, I would like to propose
> a
> weighted system for determining compliance.
> Using these values:
> WOFF - 3
> CWT - 2
> TTF/OTF - 2
> SVG - 1
> A "score" of 5 would mean compliance.

Sorry, but to be frank a system like this --- or "2 of 4" --- is just going
to trash the credibility of a Fonts WG before it even gets started. It's
painfully obvious to the casual observer that this is designed to allow
"success" without achieving real interoperability, so one will quite
reasonably ask what is the point of creating or participating in the group,
and any recommendation of this form will be treated with disdain unless the
vendor is already predisposed to follow it.

To be successful, a Fonts WG needs to recommend one or more formats that
every browser should support. If it fails, so be it, but don't set it up to
fail. There should be other deliverables too --- for example, a convenient
mechanism for access control that works with the recommended format(s), for
authors and font vendors who want that --- but they're of secondary

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