Re: Next step?

Thanks for this excellent summary, Tab.

Could someone point me to the latest spec (on this list?) for CWT? I'd  
like to check if the OTF "flavour" of CWT[1] has been ruled  
inadmissible in view of CWT's claimed merit of "great compat".

If it isn't forbidden, why isn't it?

- L

[1] unsupported by any notable user agent, as far as I know

On 22 Oct 2009, at 16:45, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> Summary time!  SVG Fonts should be supported on their own merits, but
> really aren't a believable general solution to fonts on the web.  TTF
> would be nice, but the expected time-to-usefulness is the highest of
> all of them, because we have no idea when or if MS will ever support
> them in IE.  CWT has great compat and will be usable the fastest, all
> things being equal, but WOFF has the advantage of some very attractive
> compression .

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