Re: Next step?

Sylvain wrote:

> Interoperability 
> in a relatively distant future should not take precedence over 
> interoperability between now and then if it is possible, even if limited 
> by legacy implementation issues.

No disagreement from me on that, but I'm still waiting for the 
explanation of how you see an any-2-of-4 conformance requirement 
relating to this. I still don't see the connection. It is pretty obvious 
that you are talking about CWT, but what relevance does the conformance 
requirement have to this? As of the next release of Firefox, Mozilla 
will conform to an any-2-of-4 requirement, without going anywhere near 
CWT. Other browsers with strong upgrade will be able to do likewise by 
adding WOFF to what they already support, and without going anywhere 
near CWT. So, again, what is the relevance of an any-2-of-4 conformance 
requirement to 'interoperability between now and then'?

John Hudson

Received on Friday, 23 October 2009 04:30:57 UTC