Re: Next step?

On Thursday, October 22, 2009, 5:43:38 PM, Chris wrote:

CF>   1) OpenType
CF>   2) EOTLite (CWT)
CF>   3) WOFF
CF>   4) SVG

CF> Is any browser vendor actually planning to support rendering ordinary 
CF> HTML documents with CSS using SVG fonts? If not, it seems to me that 
CF> practically speaking we are only discussing 3 formats here not 4.

You seem to be forgetting that SVG uses the same webfont linking mechanism that HTML/CSS does.

So yes, it's possible to render HTML/CSS using SVG fonts (in Opera, in Vidualise) but that, while interesting, is slightly beside the point.

SVG fonts are used to render SVG, using the same mechanism that CSS uses (and the same mechanism that XSL-FO plans to use). So they are there in the "existing landscape" alongside raw OT and EOT.

CF> and WOFF to provide the better  solution for tomorrow.


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