Re: Next step?

Chris Fynn wrote:

>  For the time being I think we should encourage 
> browser vendors to support as many formats as possible and 2 seem a 
> reasonable minimum. Does any browser vendor intend to drop support for a 
> format they already support in favour of WOFF or CWT?

That question seems irrelevant to the conformance question. Any number 
of additional formats beyond the conformance requirement are permitted, 
and may be encouraged by market conditions. I don't think a standard 
should try to encourage format multiplication, especially if this 
ultimately implies busy work supporting more formats than are actually 

Question: can conformance requirements be revised at a later date? If we 
go for any-2-of-4 now, is there the possibility of that being changed 
down the road when we have a clear idea of what the common interoperable 
format is?

John Hudson

Received on Thursday, 22 October 2009 16:39:03 UTC