RE: Next step?

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> If the browser makers can pick any 2 from these 4, the probability
> that  we have a interoperable format in the end seems to be very low.

Why ? Three browsers out of 4 already support 1 of them. One supports a 
new format (WOFF) that at least one other browser vendor has expressed 
interest in, with the public interest and support of many font vendors. 

In theory, the odds are not optimal. In practice, they are, I think, quite 

So while increasing it to 3 may seem better, that would actually be more 
likely to end up in failure as several browser vendors would have to implement 
a format they do not want to support for reasons they strongly believe in. 
Conformance criteria that are likely to be ignored in practice are thus quite 

As for choosing a single format, this will not ensure interop until a large share
if the browsers used in the field support it and is thus of limited practical use
for real world authors.

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