Re: Next step?

Chris Lilley wrote, 9 September:

> Well, I have been putting out some feelers and so far I think a
> Working group is doable. Its not me that gets to decide, the W3C
> Advisory Committee (AC) does that, but I am currently writing a
> proposed charter which I will make available for public review,
> hopefully by the end of this week. Expressions of support would help,
> once that draft charter is available.

How is that charter coming along, Chris?

> One way to do that is to review the charter. Another way is to say if
> you or your company would be interested in participating. A third way
> would be to get submissions of the two new formats (I can help with
> that, if the authors want to contact me) which helps demonstrate to
> the AC both that there is momentum and also that the Working group
> would start with a well defined problem and a good idea of the
> solutions.

And this?

WOFF looks stable enough for formal documentation and submission, and 
CWT (EOTL as was) is quite well defined.

I have a suggestion regarding both, but I'd like to get an idea of where 
the process is now.

John Hudson

Received on Tuesday, 6 October 2009 01:20:27 UTC