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Re: Freedom for Fonts

From: Just van Rossum <just@letterror.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 01:02:28 +0100
Message-Id: <l03102810b10546075562@[]>
To: www-font@w3.org
At 2:40 PM -0700 2/9/98, Michael Emmel wrote:
>I dont care about specialty fonts just for example Courier Roman Helvitica etc
>The 10 - 12 fonts that are used in 99% of computer applications.
>Plus a basic rendering engine.

If you are writing a platform with that attitude, I'm not sure whether I'm
looking forward to it.


Louder, louder!

Of course you don't *need* those. It's just that:
- it's very hard to write a good font scaler
- it's very hard to define your font format so that it is going to be
efficient (compact)
- it's very hard to make fonts for any new format (ie. writing a font
editor is hard too)
- it's not going to change anything regarding the "Freedom for Fonts"

Other than that, Java implementations of TT and T1 scalers should be
A new java based font system should be *very* interesting since you could make
fonts do things that other fonts can't(tm).
I just hope it will be implemented by someone who can spell Helvetica.


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