Re: Maltese fonts and Maltese characters

Hello Clyde,

> Symbols required would be gh (the h has a horizontal line on top),
> h (with the same horizontal line as in gh), g (with a dot on top),
> c (with a dot on top), still required will be h (without a line, just
> a normal h as in English and other languages), g (without a dot
> on top). There is no c without a dot in Maltese except when one
> writes some foreign word directly.

You have mentionned Unicode, and that's indeed what you should use.
The h with the line is at U+0127, the c with a dot on top is at
U+010B (these are lower case, the upper case alternatives are
provided also). Please have a look at

> How can we eventually get Maltese web pages to move towards
> HTML font standardisation ? Any hints would be appreciated.

Well, very simple indeed: Use Unicode as your character repertoire,
and UTF-8 as your encoding (most compact because most of your
characters are ASCII). As for fonts, there is the Cybebit
font from Bitstream (not directly related to truedoc), and
I think some Windows variants also contain an extended set
of glyphs in their fonts, with a good coverage of extended

Happy Maltese surfing!

Regards,   Martin.

Received on Wednesday, 4 February 1998 00:57:18 UTC