Maltese fonts and Maltese characters

Some Maltese web pages use a 'Maltese font' to produce the gh and h (h with
a line across) and other symbols.

Unfortunately this font is not unicode standard, so a page with the 
word 'Tigi' where the g has a dot over it cannot be produced to degrade
nicely as 'Tigi' (without the dot) if the user does not have the required
Maltese font.

Yes, now there is the netscape 4 TrueDoc solution but  could
the Maltese symbols be added to the unicode standard (the g with a dot
is already there I noticed some time ago) ? 

Symbols required would be gh (the h has a horizontal line on top),
h (with the same horizontal line as in gh), g (with a dot on top),
c (with a dot on top), still required will be h (without a line, just
a normal h as in English and other languages), g (without a dot
on top). There is no c without a dot in Maltese except when one
writes some foreign word directly.

How can we eventually get Maltese web pages to move towards
HTML font standardisation ? Any hints would be appreciated.

Clyde Meli
Malta Network Resources

Received on Monday, 2 February 1998 16:54:27 UTC