Re: XML Encryption

There is a connection between:

XML Signature

XML Encryption

XML Protocols

This has nothing to do with DRM in a strict sense. 
These are modules, that are needed for the overall W3C
Architecture and it's technology. They are building the 
infrastructure, that DRM can use.

If there will be an activity on DRM within W3C, it will surely
have dependencies to those technologies...

Note, that I'm also responsible for our relation to ETSI [1]
and CEN[2]. They are currently developing a Certificate - Format
and Requirements for Electronic Signatures in the sense of the


If you take DRM in the widest possible sense, this is also
important and could be named DRM....



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On Sat, Jan 27, 2001 at 05:38:43AM -0800, Rob Koenen wrote:
> Dear W3C DRM-ers,
> After coming back home form our workshop, I learnt about:
> "
>   The mission of this working group is to develop a process 
>   for encrypting/decyrpting digital content (including XML 
>   documents and portions thereof) and an XML syntax used 
>   to represent the (1) encrypted content and (2) information 
>   that enables an intendent recipient to decrypt it.
> "
> A W3C DRM activity is apparently about to start. To the best of my 
> recollection, this was not mentioned at the workshop. 
> What is the relation with the discussion we had planned to 
> have on this mailing list?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Rob Koenen

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