post workshop followup

i would like to thank danny, renato and rigo for putting together a very
informative workshop. for me personally, i really appreciated having the
chance to finally meet some of my "drm heros" face-to-face. in addition,
it was a unique opportunity to discover some new approaches and directions
that i failed to turn up on the web or in the literature. just goes to
show you how invaluable a group such as this is for creating and
maintaining a community of shared interest. i hope that at some time in
the future i will be able to reciprocate with a contribution of my own.

finally, i realize that my interests are somewhat removed from the more
hands-on motivations expressed by some members of this group. however, i
would really appreciat having any feedback (both good, bad, or
indifferent). so i have put up a link to my prospectus (which, i warn is a
true work-in-progress, so it is changing even as we speak; i.e., i need to
pay more than just lip service to the standard-setting process) and if
anyone from one of your companies/organizations is interested in looking
at long-term impacts, please feel free to share this information with them
or have someone contact me directly.

finally, when i have the model ready (expected completion date, around the
end of april, 2001), i will be putting up a version on the web that can be
downloaded and used as an experimental tool.

Safeguarding Innovation and Access: A Dynamic Model of Rights Management
Judith A. Mulholland

again thank you for your time and consideration. 

best wishes


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