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Splitting key/code tables out of DOM3Event spec

From: Кошмарчик <garykac@google.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 09:59:05 -0800
Message-ID: <CAGnkXoG2Z7+eKdzGcNWn_o-o4pQo-Fy6r-2Dui2o66syAmuiSQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: "www-dom@w3.org" <www-dom@w3.org>
As we near completion of the DOM3Event spec (yes, really), we realize that
we're going to need to make periodic updates to the normative list of 'key'
and 'code' values. While we have what we believe to be a fairly complete
list, we know that there are omissions (e.g., a good list of mobile values)
and we expect there to be additional proposals over the lifetime of this
spec (e.g., as new classes of devices being introduced).

Thus, we need to plan now for how we intend to handle these expected
additions to the spec.

We have a few obvious options to do this:
(1) Ignore the problem for now and rev the entire D3E spec whenever we have
to update the normative list of key/code values
(2) Ignore the problem for now and create an addendum spec when we have new
(3) Split out the tables now into a separate spec (or specs) and have a
separate Rec track for them. Update this spec as needed.

There are pros and cons to each approach.
(1) is process heavy and will elicit comments on the entire spec whenever
we need to add new key values.
(2) will result in the complete list of key/code values being split across
multiple documents.
(3) means we need to create new rec-track docs Right Now!

Our current preference is for option (3).

This split would move the non-normative keyboard information and the
normative 'key' and 'code' tables out of the current DOM3Event spec and
into new specs.

I believe that the 'key' values and 'code' values should go in separate
documents because it will make it much easier to search for 'key' (or
'code') values. Having separate documents means that you won't accidentally
look in the wrong table when you search.

To preview this proposed split, please see:
The D3E spec with key/code tables removed:
The 'code' values spec:
The 'key' values spec:

For comparison, the current Dom3Events ED is at:

The split documents are a rough cut but a good approximation of the
proposed division: all the key event info (KeyboardEvent attributes, event
ordering, ...) stays in the current DOM3Event spec and the data tables are
split out. Various minor changes (like updating links to this doc) will
take place once we commit to this change.

We'd like to make this change ASAP (since it will help the D3E spec get to
RC). Please let us know if you can think of any problems with this
approach, or if you have suggestions for improving what we're trying to do.

Thank you,
-Gary, Travis
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