Re: Event Handler Attribute

Cameron McCormack:
> I agree with Garrett it needs to be defined somewhere.  The DOM 3 Events
> spec itself seems most appropriate, since this is specifically for
> when EventListeners are invoked (and not for all callbacks in general).

I'll give my nod of agreement here. I think Cameron hit the nail on the head in his note that this behavior (pun intended) is specific for EventListener invocation and not all callbacks in general. Since implementations have defacto standardized this behavior which is specific for events, I think it deserves callout in the spec.

Doug Schepers:

> DOM3 Events doesn't define script execution (in fact, it tries to be

> language-neutral, and should work with Java as well as Javascript).

This is a noble cause. However, defining this particular behavior for ECMAScript implementations won't limit the spec's implementability in other languages.

In short, this ought to be written down somewhere and D3E seems to be the most logical place.


Received on Monday, 27 December 2010 21:20:20 UTC