ISSUE-159 (ctrlKey): Clarify ctrlKey [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-159 (ctrlKey): Clarify ctrlKey [DOM3 Events]

Raised by: Doug Schepers
On product: DOM3 Events

David Flanagan <>:
4) When you are describing the altKey, ctrlKey and similar attributes of 
"KeyboardEvent" you use the word "activated" to mean "in effect".  Just 
above that, in the list of constants, you use the word "activation" to 
mean "the key press or release that triggered this event".  This wording 
is confusing because it could be read to mean that ctrlKey, for example, 
will only be true when the key is first pressed down.  I suggest you 
avoid "activated" here and use language like this:

    "true if the control (Ctrl) modifier was active when this event 

I realize now that I actually don't know whether ctrlKey should be true 
for the event generated when Ctrl is first pressed down.  Or whether it 
should be true when the Ctrl key is released. So maybe you could clarify 
that here, too.  Guessing at the proper settings for this modifier, you 
might say something like:

    "If this KeyboardEvent describes the press of a control key, then 
this property will be true.  If this KeyboardEvent describes the release 
of a control key, and if no other control modifier is active, then this 
property will be false."


Received on Wednesday, 20 October 2010 16:44:55 UTC