Re: Last Call comment: Deprecation of DOMAttrModified [ISSUE-135]

On Oct 8, 2010, at 8:58 AM, David Bolter wrote:

> Unfortunately I couldn't make this call, and Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada so I can't promise to attend the follow up call.

Can you make next Wednesday's DOM call instead?

> Would it make sense to split this into three proposals, such that the abstraction of desktop keyboard commands work is in one proposal, the a11y events in another, and the identification in a third?

I think the single proposal makes sense as it tells the whole story, but I agree that each section could be included in different areas. On the call this morning, Doug suggested that the UIRequestEvents in section 2 would be appropriate for inclusion in DOM 3. The rest may be more appropriate for inclusion in a separate spec, probably either HTML 5 or ARIA 2. 

> What would be the pioneering implementation of all this? iPhone?

As you know, it's Apple's policy not to comment on future product releases. That said, the first WebKit patch is out for review:

Bug 47301: AX: Support UIRequestEvents

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