[D3E] Last Call Feedback: expected 'char' values for certain 'key's in Key Values Set

Dear DOM Level 3 Events WG:

In implementation of IE9's support for the 'key' and 'char' properties of the Keyboard event, we found that additional named keys provide char values, which are not explicitly called out in the current editor's draft of section 6.2.7.

The subset we have identified so far, which we expect users to want char values for are listed below:

key Name        Char value
'Add'           +
'Decimal'       .
'Divide'        /
'Enter'         \n
'Multiply'      *
'Subtract'      -

It is our recommendation that these 'char' values be added to the spec's list of Key Values Set.

Received on Thursday, 7 October 2010 23:01:00 UTC