[D3E] Last Call Feedback: Missing Key Value from Key Value Set

During implementation of the 'key' and 'char' properties in IE9, we discovered that there appears to be a missing key from the Key Values Set (6.2.7).

For the number-pad keys, there are already keys provided in the list in the current draft of the spec for:

*         "Add"

*         "Subtract"

*         "Divide"

*         "Decimal"

*         "Subtract"

However, "Multiply" is missing.

I do not know if this is a deliberate omission because of the text in the final paragraph of section 6.2, which says: "due to the lack of a multiplication key on many keyboard".

The Windows OS is providing this named key ["Multiply"] to IE, and therefore to other browsers as well. I propose that "Multiply" be added to the list of Key Value Set.

Received on Thursday, 7 October 2010 16:40:12 UTC