RE: [DOM Level 3 Events] MouseEvent.getCoordsAt(element)

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On 05/10/2010 21:04, Jacob Rossi wrote:

>seeing as you have demonstrated a simple workaround and D3Events is in Last Call, I think this might better be suited for a future spec--especially if it might better be implemented as an API for more than just SVG elements. Thoughts?

>The API I proposed isn't intended to be SVG specific, that just happens to be what I demoed it with.

I believe similar workarounds can be achieved for non-SVG elements. The existence of relatively simple workarounds gives us the flexibility of wrapping up DOM 3 Events without this API. I agree such an API would be nice to have, I just don't think it's necessary that we work it into D3E  but rather a future spec.

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