Re: [DOM Level 3 Events] MouseEvent.getCoordsAt(element)

> Proposal:
> To make life easier for authors I'd like to propose the addition of a
> 'getCoordsAt' method to the MouseEvent interface. This method would be passed
> the element at which the local coordinates of the event are required, and return
> an object implementing the SVGPoint interface[1] (or a new interface
> implementing 'x' and 'y' properties).
> I've uploaded a JavaScript implemented demo of this method here:

I understand the relevance of this feature. I've had to implement such a function before for some personal projects. The transforms can get nasty.

However, seeing as you have demonstrated a simple workaround and D3Events is in Last Call, I think this might better be suited for a future spec--especially if it might better be implemented as an API for more than just SVG elements. Thoughts?

Jacob Rossi
Program Manager
Internet Explorer

Received on Tuesday, 5 October 2010 20:44:10 UTC