Re: Changes to DOM3 Events Key Identifiers

Op 30-10-2009 10:32, Maciej Stachowiak schreef:
> "\uxxxx" is not a syntax, it is a Unicode string of the actual 
> character. \u introduces the escape sequence for a unicode code point. 
> So you can compare it directly to a character.

Now I’m confused. The way Doug phrased it, \uxxxx *will* be syntax, i.e. 
the string "U+xxxx" will be replaced by "\\uxxxx" (a 6-character string 
containing an identifier). Not "\uxxxx" (a 1-character string containing 
the actual character) which could be compared directly to a character.

Otherwise, I would suggest not to talk in terms of "\uxxxx" strings at 
all, after all the DOM specification does not need to concern itself 
with serialisation, but instead to just talk about characters and code 


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