Re: Changes to DOM3 Events Key Identifiers

Hi Maciej,

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>On Oct 30, 2009, at 1:05 AM, Alex Danilo wrote:
>> The "\uxxxx" syntax is just reminiscent of a programming language
>> but has little to do with strings returned from DOM APIs. I suppose
>> you could argue that it's useful in some situations, but my concern
>> is more about the existence of 2 things that mean the same
>> thing.
>"\uxxxx" is not a syntax, it is a Unicode string of the actual  
>character. \u introduces the escape sequence for a unicode code point.  
>So you can compare it directly to a character.

Thanks for the clarification.

'\x' in a C/C++ string specifies the hexadecimal value
which is analagous to what is proposed here. Does this
map natively in Javascript (forgive my ignorance)?

Is this a Javascript specific mapping? I don't know
how this will map to other DOM language bindings.

So, how does this provide any advantage over 'keyCode'?

It seemed to me that keyCode is used for the code point, as in maps
to the Unicode point and the whole reason there was keyIdentifier
was to provide descriptive strings.

If I want the Unicode point explicitly I can use
keyCode or am I missing something?



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