Re: DOMTimeStamp interface not defined in L3 events...

On Mon, 05 Oct 2009 20:07:37 +0200, Jonas Sicking <> wrote:

>> It is always possible to implement the feature by returning 0.
>> Both D2E and D3E allow that.
> That seems very strange to me. Optional features don't really have a
> good track record. Is there a reason to believe that sites won't
> depend on this feature if it's available in one or two popular
> browsers? Unless the feature is so useless that no-one will use it,
> but in that case it seems better to just remove it.

FWIW we (Opera) don't support this. We have had no requests for it (by  
which I mean that searching for bugs with "event" and "timeStamp" in  
summary turn up 0 relevant hits) and I'm sure we'd celebrate any removal  
or deprecation of this oddity :)

Hallvord R. M. Steen, Core Tester, Opera Software

Received on Thursday, 29 October 2009 21:48:30 UTC