[DOM3Events] defaultView and event flow

HTML5 currently defines how the Window object interacts with the DOM event  
flow. Is it the idea to move this into DOM Level 3 Events? If that is the  
case the special case made for the load event should also be made to apply  
to the capture phase. See the HTML5 text here:


I think if we decide to include this into DOM Level 3 Events it should be  
made normative and not just a "note" (with respect to the load event) as  
it is now.

The definition of defaultView could also use some work I think. Events are  
not dispatched on interfaces after all, they are dispatched on objects  
(which implement interfaces). Also note that the CSSWG is working on a new  
version of DOM Level 2 Views called the CSSOM View Module. (I added a  
proposed agenda item for TPAC to discuss support for views in general by  
the way.)

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Thursday, 24 September 2009 12:02:39 UTC