Re: CfC: FocusEvent Interface

Hi, Maciej-

Maciej Stachowiak wrote (on 9/22/09 9:34 PM):
> The FocusEvent interface itself seems fine, and a good solution.

Thanks for the suggestion.  You were on the money.

> I do think it would be worth doing some cursory research to determine
> whether it is a problem to support "focusin" and "focusout" events
> without 100% API compatibility with IE. Do sites only use these in
> IE-specific code paths currently, or is it possible that they register
> and use IE-specific APIs?

As Garrett alluded (IIUC), they might even use the presence of these 
attributes to detect the feature for slipping into that code path.  Not 
a great practice, but there you have it (and admittedly better than 
browser sniffing).

> These questions are relevant, because we may want to support IE's
> toElement and fromElement attributes in the standard, depending on the
> results.

Sadly, I agree.

Garrett's analysis seems pertinent here.  It would be good to research 
it a bit deeper to make sure it actually does cause the problems he 

Fortunately, moving it to the new FocusEvent would let us add the 
toElement and fromElement attributes without disrupting other 
interfaces, so that's another good thing about your model.  I'll 
tentatively add them, unless others have objections to that plan.

I would especially like to hear from Microsoft, since they have the most 
experience dealing with content that uses them, I'd expect.

-Doug Schepers
W3C Team Contact, SVG and WebApps WGs

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