Re: How can I create a HTMLDocument from the DOMImplementation

On 8/18/09 4:14 PM, Bo Yang wrote:
> Hi,
>      The Core module define the DOMImplementation interface which is
> used to bootstrap the DOM, to create Document and DocumentType. But I
> can't find a way to create a specific type of Document from that
> interface. I mean, how can I create HTMLDocument from some
> DOMImplementation? Thanks!
> Regards!
> Bo

In Gecko one can do it for example this way:
var dt =
     "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN",
var doc = document.implementation.createDocument(null, null, dt);

This behavior is based on DOM 3 Core
"Note that based on the DocumentType  given to create the document, the 
implementation may instantiate specialized Document  objects that 
support additional features than the "Core", such as "HTML" [DOM Level 2 

IIRC, not all browser engines support creating specialized document
objects based on document type.


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