Re: Window Modes todo

On Jul 27, 2009, at 05:37 , Travis Leithead wrote:
> Adding WWW-DOM to widen the audience a bit.
>>> Having the attributes not be read only and allowing their  
>>> modification before the Event is dispatched seems better to me.   
>>> But changing this for DOM Events in general seems like a larger  
>>> issue for discussion.
> Note that this is how it works in IE at the moment. It may be  
> possible to make a change here for DOM L3 events, but we should take  
> care as this would be a substantial change.

Do other implementers care to chime in with what they do, and if  
they'd find this change acceptable? It's certainly somewhat large, but  
the initFooEvent methods really seem unwieldy to me, and if there's a  
chance to fix them I think we should.

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