Re: Deprecating DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut

On Jul 23, 2009, at 5:22 AM, Doug Schepers wrote:

> I'm fine with deprecating the events, but I don't think it's helpful  
> to remove them from the spec.  It would go counter to one of the  
> goals that the group set out with (documenting existing behavior),  
> and would actually introduce problems for SVG, XForms, and probably  
> other specs and implementations.

As I said in my other email, I think the really important question is  
which focus-related events are mandatory implementation requirements,  
not which are or aren't deprecated. I think it would be fine to have  
events in the spec that aren't mandatory requirements, if there is  
value in defining their semantics for the implementations that do have  


(P.S. I've found Anne's input on this thread on this to be thoughtful  
and informative. Let's recognize that perspectives may differ, and  
strive to treat each other's input with respect, even when we disagree.)

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