RE: Deprecating DOMFocusIn/DOMFocusOut

Hi Doug, Anne,

This e-mail is my personal opinion and not that of the Forms WG (we're having a small break due the amount of people that are currently on vacation).

> >>> What existing content? It is far more likely existing content
> >>> uses focus and blur. At least as far as Web browsers are
> >>> concerned and I think it would make sense to evaluate a solution
> >>> for Web browsers here in isolation since not bloating the focus
> >>> API would be great.
> >>
> >> SVG content uses DOMFocusIn, DOMFocusOut, and DOMActivate,
> >> particularly on mobiles.
> >
> > Do you have pointers? Such content would fail in Opera, for
> > instance.

> Indeed, DOMActivate doesn't work in Opera... I'll talk to Erik about
> that.  I'm still open to the idea of deprecating it, but I want to
> gather data beforehand.
> Note that DOMFocusIn and DOMFocusOut do work, though, and I've seen SVG
> content that uses them in the wild.

Almost all XForms documents will use DOMActivate because there is for example no other way to link an action to a trigger (button, hyper link, ...). Due to the fact that XForms is language and device independent controls aren't always activated by clicking on them (e.g. voice, enter key, ...) or are only activated by double clicking on them. These are only examples the way you activate a control depends on the control, the device, input method,... So I think there is a difference between the click and DOMActivate event, multiple click events could result in a single DOMActivate event and DOMActivate events can occur without a click event.

DOMFocusIn and DOMFocusOut are used less frequent then DOMActivate in XForms but they are used because these are the only focus related events an XForms implementation must dispatch. XForms is host language independent therefore we don't know if the host language uses focus and blur. Secondly focus and blur don't bubble and there are cases where you want your action to be ran after the any of your handlers in the capture phase, the target phase and the default action. This isn't possible when using focus and blur.


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