Re: DOM status 20010827

> Well, I found that, but I couldn't find how you 'switched off ' capture for
> that dispatch.

Oh.  I see what you mean.  I don't think you can switch off capture.

> The text in  1.2.1 says "If
> neither event capture or event bubbling are in use for that
> particular event, the event flow process will complete after all
> listeners have been triggered. If event capture or event bubbling
> is in use, the event flow will be modified as described in the
> sections below." I can see how I say "event bubbling is not in use for this
> event". I can't see how I say that for event capture.

I read this to mean "If there are no capturing event listeners
registered for events of this type on ancestors of the target event, and
if it is of a type that does not bubbble..."

Maybe the section should be reworded for clarity in Level 3?


Received on Monday, 27 August 2001 15:50:35 UTC