Re: DOM status 20010827

From: "David Flanagan" <>

> > Could you point me to the text that describes how you dispatch an event
> > directly to the EventTarget? I can't find it by inspection, but it's
> > probably staring me in the face.
> Are you looking for EventTarget.dispatchEvent()?

Well, I found that, but I couldn't find how you 'switched off ' capture for
that dispatch.

The text in  1.2.1 says "If
neither event capture or event bubbling are in use for that
particular event, the event flow process will complete after all
listeners have been triggered. If event capture or event bubbling
is in use, the event flow will be modified as described in the
sections below." I can see how I say "event bubbling is not in use for this
event". I can't see how I say that for event capture.

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Received on Monday, 27 August 2001 15:07:10 UTC