Re: DOMSubtreeModified event

Thanks for the clarification, Joe.

> >     This is a general event for notification of all changes to the
> >     document. It can be used instead of the more specific events listed
> >     below. It may be fired after a single modification to the document
> > 
> >I read this to say that an implementation can support the MutationEvents
> >module even if it never fires anything more specific than
> >DOMSubtreeModified events
> No. DOMSubtreeModified is fired in addition to more specific mutation
> events. The intent was to indicate that some applications may find that
> listening only for DOMSubtreeModified suffices for their needs.

Then let me suggest that the phrase "It can be used" is misleading and
ought to be clarified.  The rest of this section of the spec is
addressed to DOM implementors and tells them when their implementation
must fire events.  This one sentence isn't an instruction to
implementors, but instead a suggestion to DOM programmers.  This context
switch really tripped me up.

I suggest that the sentence be changed to read:

  Clients of the DOM may prefer to listen for events of this type
  instead of the more specific event types listed below.

     David Flanagan

Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2001 18:58:46 UTC