Re: DOMSubtreeModified event

>I read this to say that an implementation can support the MutationEvents
>module even if it never fires anything more specific than
>DOMSubtreeModified events

No. DOMSubtreeModified is fired in addition to more specific mutation
events. The intent was to indicate that some applications may find that
listening only for DOMSubtreeModified suffices for their needs.

>Is the intent that when a call to a single DOM method such as
>Range.extractContents() causes many mutation events this event is the
>one that is fired last, as kind of a summary of all changes that have

As I read/remember it: Yes and no. The only promise made is that
DOMSubtreeModified will eventually be fired after the DOM has been altered.
It may be more often, or less often,  than once per DOM method call, " at
the implementation's discretion." I expect that most implementations will
tend to favor the once-per-method interpretation, but that may not be
convenient for the logic of some, and may be overkill for others which know
these method calls are part of a higher-level operation.

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research

Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2001 09:37:48 UTC