Re: Node.ownerDocument property: always defined?

> All other nodes have their ownerDocument set before Document.create...()
> returns.

That's what I assumed, but I don't think the spec ever actually says
this, and I'd suggest that it ought to be clarified.  All I can find
about it is:

> The Document object associated with this node. This is also the Document
> object used to create new nodes. When this node is a Document or a
> DocumentType which is not used with any Document yet, this is null.
Perhaps that second sentence is trying to say this:

   When one of the create methods of a Document object is used to create
   a new node, the ownerDocument property of the newly created node is
   set to the creating Document object.

However, I read it as saying:

   If you've got a node A, and want to create a new node B as part of 
   the same document, then use the ownerDocument property of node A to
   find the Document object to use.   

I suggest a clarification (although I do not suggest using my  language

     David Flanagan

Received on Monday, 16 July 2001 14:30:15 UTC