Re: HTML-DOM: getElementById

> Or move toward the XHTML
> world and declare the document invalid -- though there is so much broken
> HTML currently in use that this isn't always an option

Hi All, 

I completely agree that even though duplicate IDs should 
stop processing (not just match none), I think we owe  
some advice for what to do when part of the broken HTML 
universe is encountered. 
Hey, you just have to start from the beginning and get it 
well-formed and obeying the uniqe ID rule and others before 
you can work with it using XML/DOM tech. 
What if the broken HTML uses name instead of ID? 
There are probably ten other considerations like this. 
What to do with broken stuff.? Well, you must start by fixing it!:)
How about running it thru TIDY or equivalent before processing 
it further. Just finding out that it is broken is certainly some 
level of accomplishment that should be recognized as a good thing. 
I hope we don't get to a point where we start bending some 
basic structures and rules to accomodate broken stuff that 
should just be fixed. 

Thank You and Best Regards, 

Received on Monday, 16 July 2001 12:18:18 UTC