planned Level 3 modules

Now that the DOM Level 2 is nearing a stage where all that remains to be
done is to make sure it can be implemented :-), here's the list of
modules that the DOM WG is tackling for Level 3. Others are possible,
but only if more people join to help with the work, or the ones
currently on the list are resolved much more quickly than we expect. 

We're starting work on requirements; the first WD of level 3 will
contain requirements and a few use cases to motivate them. 

Content models, validation: finally, the long-awaited DTD module which
will also allow for validation, lexical checking, etc. Hopefully we'll
be able to come up with something that can be easily extended to
schemas, once they get here.

View and formatting: when a user highlights something on the screen, how
does the DOM know about it? Etc.

Load and save: standardising the way in which a DOM implementation opens
a document, and serializes it. We need to look at existing
implementations, of course, to see how they've all done it.

And, of course, there's Core and Events maintenance to add in the thing
we'd like but didn't want to put into Level 2 for various reasons.



Received on Thursday, 9 December 1999 14:19:24 UTC