DOM ECMAScript Tests

Hi Everyone,

I've just updated our DOM ECMAScript test suite, available from

Click on DOM Test Suite.  This suite includes ~900 ECMAScript 
tests that exercise the DOM Level 1 Fundamental, Extended, and
HTML interfaces.  You can view the results using IE5 by clicking
on first the category, and then the particular interface.  Options are
available for displaying the source code, semantic requirements 
(which are simply axioms we glean from the spec to organize our
thoughts), and the actual specification.

I believe that this set of tests covers much of the DOM Level 1 
recommendation.  From the appendix on differences between Level
1 and Level 2, I'm sure that we can supply additional tests so that
it will also be available for Level 2.

Please let me know if you find this useful.  We are in the process of 
generating equivalent functionality for the java binding.  We are just
about finished with the fundamental interfaces, and expect to have a
first set, including fundamental and extended available in early January.

As always, comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Mary Brady
NIST, Conformance Testing

Received on Friday, 3 December 1999 16:14:20 UTC