Re: DOM DOM binding considered harmful, discriminates against open source

On 29 Nov 99, at 13:45, John Cowan wrote:

> Lauren Wood wrote:
> > One possibility is to use this, with the proviso that Java bindings
> > not use the org.w3c.* package, and that (as John Cowan proposed)
> > a comment is added that the modified binding does not conform to
> > any W3C standard.
> > 
> > Would this satisfy the needs of the open source community?
> Clearly yes.   As a matter of form, a W3C staffer should post a
> message to asking for OSI certification
> for the W3C software license.

I'll see who I can get to do this. 

At this stage, we 're discussing making the license be a mixture of 
the standard W3C software license, and the status of the DOM 
specification, which will probably look like 
1) the specification (excluding the bindings) is covered by the W3C 
document license
2) the bindings are under the software license, with the additional 
conditions (also that IDL bindings have to change the pragma prefix)


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