Re: Node.replaceChild with newChild being a DocumentFragment

On 26 Nov 99, at 1:01, Takuki Kamiya wrote:

> DOM L2 WD (as well as L1 spec indeed) appears to fail to be clear as to
> what behavior to be expected when Node.replaceChild is invoked with its
> newChild being a DocumentFragment. Other methods such as insertBefore
> and appendChild are explicitly stated as being aware of DocumentFragment
> on the other hand.
> I suggest that DOM L2 be specific on this point.
> I know of DOM implementations which behaves differently upon the operation
> described above: one raises HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR exception, the other
> succeeds so that the net result is the same as if removeChild was
> called following insertBefore. This is not apparently a desirable
> situation for DOM interoperability thus needs to be explicitly described
> in the spec one way or the other.

I believe the intent was for replaceChild to be consistent with the 
other methods and not raise an exception; I will raise this with the 



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