Re: comments/questions/suggestions/bug reports for DOM Level 2

Garret Wilson wrote:
> * The DOM CSS specification repeatedly mentions a DOMException of type
> INVALID_ACCESS_ERR, but the definition of this can't be found. It's not
> listed in DOMException.

Good catch ! It's now listed in DOMException.

> * Under CSSPrimitiveValue.get/setFloatValue(), CSS_PX is mentioned twice.


> * CSSValue has a set of unit types, and CSSPrimitiveValue has another set of
> unit types. The former is referred to as "valueType" and the latter as
> "primitiveType". This is fine, except the "valueType" of CSS_INHERIT seems
> in later discussion to get mixed in as a valid value of "primitiveType." The
> true value of "primitiveType" when a value is inherited is uncertain, since
> CSS_INHERIT is not listed as one of the possibilities. Perhaps a separate
> CSS_INHERIT should be defined for "primitiveType," and it should be listed
> as an accepted value under CSSPrimitiveValue.primitiveType. Also, how can
> "valueType" ever return CSS_INHERIT from this interface, if this interface
> is only returned when "valueType" is set to CSS_PRIMITIVE_TYPE? (This is
> where I miss the type-safe enum in C++ that aren't in Java, BTW, but that's
> a different issue.)

I'm not sure I understand your comment. CSSValue.CSS_INHERIT is not mixed with
primitiveType and you can't cast the CSSValue instance to CSSPrimitiveValue.

> * CSSStyleDeclaration.cssText does not have a description of parameter
> cssText in the documentation.

 I checked the latest public version [1] and there is a description for the
parameter cssText.

> * Under MediaList, SYNTAX_ERR is mistakenly listed as a DOMException and not
> as a CSSException, as it should be.

> * Why does CSSStyleDeclaration.item(), when there is no property at a
> particular index, return an empty string instead of null as other similar
> DOM functions do?

Two reasons:
- getPropertyValue also returns an empty string.
- Some existing implementations already return an empty string on item() and
getPropertyValue() and it was not possible to change that.

Thank you for your feedbacks,


Philippe Le Hegaret -
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), DOM Activity Lead

Received on Thursday, 25 November 1999 11:05:53 UTC