On 19 Nov 99, at 12:05, David Brownell wrote:

> In short, you're arguing that all issues coming out of reviews
> from now on will generally be ignored ... hence implying that
> there is really no need for such reviews.  

What Joe said was that these issues would be addressed in Level 
3, which will be starting as soon as we have Level 2 out the door. 
This does not mean the issues will be ignored, simply that the 
resources were not available to solve all the problems we could 
see, and the DOM WG as a whole decided it was important to get 
a Level 2 REC out as soon as possible. 

We have incorporated several of your ideas in the latest draft of the 
spec (which will be out very shortly) and discussed all of them. I'm 
sorry that I'm so late in getting the disposition of comments ready; 
one reason for this is that we were discussing the various issues 
raised by all the reviewers until today.


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