Re: compatibility with the DOM Level 0

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Sent: Friday, November 19, 1999 7:50 AM
Subject: compatibility with the DOM Level 0

> Hello ,
> I have a question about  compatibility with the "DOM Level 0".
> What dos it exactley mean ? is it that "DOM Level 0" is implemented in a
> script language which is implemented in Internet Explorer III or
> Netscape III .

That's right.  It's a shorthand for "the script language support for HTML
that is common to Netscape 3.x and IE 3.x".  It was never formally defined,
and I suspect that whatever links we had to various Netscape documents are
long dead.

Basically, the DOM WG tried, as much as possible, to not "break" dynamic
HTML programs that ran on the 3.0 browsers.

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